Builder Tools

Dashboards & Reporting

The Builder Dashboard provides real-time data and customizable reports to track data points that will improve your bottom line. Manage vendors and subcontractors, monitor purchase orders, and quickly identify common, costly occurrences that can be corrected in future construction.
Quality Control & Punchlist
Document final work items and standardize your punch lists with SiteOne’s Blue Tape. Create and complete inspection and quality control checklists in the field using our customizable electronic forms and capture signatures onsite avoiding costly delays and misplaced paperwork.
Warranty Management
Builders can receive and respond to requests, electronically accept, or deny them and assign them to a vendor in just a few clicks. SiteOne helps mitigate risk by documenting every request and sending updates to the homeowner at every step.
Digital Orientations & Inspections
Give your homeowners the satisfaction of knowing that their new house is ready to move-in with SiteOne’s customizable orientation forms. SiteOne digital checklists allows builders to complete final walk-through and have the owner digitally sign off onsite. Creating forms for 11-month inspections and other milestones is fast and easy