Dashboard and Reporting

The SiteOne dashboard provides real-time information to track critical data points that make warranty management effortless.

Dashboard and Reporting
Examine your builder dashboard every morning and make informed decisions for the day. SiteOne’s dashboard displays up to the minute activity and detects trending issues that can impact your bottom line. Click on any field in the dashboard to see detailed information.
Turn your data into valuable insights that can be used to build better homes.
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Sorting on any columns

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Use Advanced Filters and save them for future use


Our filtering tools allow you to create customized reports easily.
  • Use filters to create customized reports and quickly find the information you need.
  • Choose to include or exclude columns from a pre-set list.
  • Ability to sort column headers.
  • A search box will find work orders matching specific words.
  • Export data to MS Excel.
Track purchase orders by lot, trade, or issue and identify common, costly occurrences that can be corrected in future construction. Build reports and view graphs to track critical data points like aging, total open work requests, total closed work requests, cost per lot, cost per project, cost per market, cost per region, and cost company-wide.