Digital Orientations & Inspections

Conducting digital new home orientations improves productivity, increases homeowner satisfaction, and mitigates risk.

Ensuring essential items are reported and taken care of quickly gives homeowners satisfaction in knowing that their new house is ready to move-in.  The process is simple, before orientation day, ask your homeowner to log into their HomeHub and review their Welcome Home Guide.  There is no need to drop off a stack of binders because all our guides and manuals are digital

SiteOne Electronic Orientation Forms make it easy to review features and exclusions while the owner inspects their new property. The customizable checklist includes features inside the home, such as major appliances and smoke detectors, and outside, such as emergency shut off valves and irrigation systems.

Suppose the builder or homeowner finds an item that requires attention during the inspection. In that case, a work order can be created instantly, with photos for reference, and scheduled for service while the final walkthrough is completed. The time and expense saved from manually inputting work orders at the end of the day and sending them to an administrator who then assigns them to a sub add up quickly!


  • At the end of the orientation, the buyer and builder electronically sign the form and save copies in their portals, creating an indisputable digital record of the work requested and agreed on.

  • Builders can close confidently, knowing that every requirement of their warranty obligation is being fulfilled and save their team hours of work, all while giving homeowners a great experience.
Electronic Orientation Form_1 (003)

Want to create a Custom Orientation or Electronic Punchlist Form? It’s simple! Click here to see how

Standardize Your Future Inspection Process

Shorten work cycle times, reduce costs, increase productivity, and reduce risk with SiteOne’s electronic inspection forms.


  • Ensure consistency and quality when inspectors use the same checklists.
  • Customize forms for any inspection: move-in or move-out, pool and spa, guest house, and casita or multi-unit homes.
  • Record all signatures on the same document to mitigate risk.
  • Never worry about lost information. Access forms from any computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Inspections remain secure without the fear of losing a paper document or a computer system crashing.
  • Streamline 11-month inspections and emphasize the need for owners to maintain specific items in the home properly.
SiteOne customers can conduct a completely paperless service process from orientation to acceptance. The time and expense saved from having to manually input work orders at the end of the day, and send them to an administrator who then assigns them to a sub, add up quickly! We can save your team hour