Quality Control & Punchlists

No more yellow notepads

Complete electronic QC & Punchlists

Yellow notepads and spreadsheets will be things of the past.

Make your workflows more efficient, and you will improve quality control. Create a system of checks and balances by standardizing your inspection process. Eliminate paperwork and duplication of efforts wherever possible. SiteOne’s customizable electronic forms hold everyone accountable, save time, and provide real-time reporting.

  • Perform paperless QC walks before final acceptance, generate work orders, send notices instantly via email, collect electronic signatures, and store all of your data securely in the cloud.
  • Collaborate using the same form and eliminate the risk for duplicate entry and errors.
  • Standardize your process with all inspectors using the same template to confirm work is done and create an accountability trail.
  • Invite trade partners and staff to access the data at any time on their computer or mobile device without printing it.
  • Attach photos to service requests so your trade partners can visually understand the issue.
  • Collect signatures in the field and electronically synchronize them with your punchlists and permanently attach the inspector’s acceptance of completion.

Blue Tape

Regain control of your inspections with an accountability process that can’t be disputed. Final inspections have never been easier using SiteOne’s Blue Tape. Create work orders on the spot as items that need attention are identified, and establish a permanent record that follows the property’s life, guaranteeing the build’s integrity.

SiteOne’s BlueTape tools are the easiest way to document every task that needs to be fixed before a home is ready for occupancy. Punch work items are usually minor fixes but often require several different trades to complete. Blue Tape allows you to create one list that generates multiple work orders. Close with confidence. Use Blue Tape!