Warranty Management

Make your new homeowners even happier by automating and
standardizing the process for managing service requests.

The SiteOne warranty management process begins as soon as a homeowner or tenant submits a service request through their private portal. Builders instantly receive a notification and can quickly respond to the request, electronically accept or deny it and assign it to a vendor in just a few clicks.
SiteOne helps mitigate risk by documenting every request and sending updates to the homeowner at every step. Specific pre-planned escalations and workflows are instantly triggered by actions completed on the SiteOne platform.

Once a work order is assigned to a trade, it begins to age. If the trade does not respond within a set time, the SiteOne system will reissue it and send a notification according to a schedule established by an administrator.

It will reissue the same request three times before escalating, and every action by the builder, homeowner, and trade is documented.

SiteOne warranty management allows builders and property managers to be more responsive and caring.
If your team needs extra support, SiteOne can provide a 24/7 call center, administrative assistance, warranty supervision, and technology services.