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Premium add-ons available: Call center 24/7, Administrative support, API / Integrations, Consulting Services. In Northern California we can also provide site QC, Orientations, inspections, and year 1 through 10 warranty management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to get started with SiteOne?

SiteOne will need some necessary information about the builder and the project info (lots/units, subcontractors/trades, and close of escrow/homeowner information (if applicable).  Most of this information is easily uploaded into SiteOne using an import feature, assuming the data is formatted to our template. 

What does the import process entail?

Once the project information is formatted to our template(s), it is as simple as uploading the file. The SiteOne system will do the rest!

How do SiteOne users get trained?

SiteOne will work with a new builder to identify a champion and subsequent user who need to be trained. They could be warranty managers, admins, customer service reps, and superintendents, etc. SiteOne will set up in-person or online training, depending on need/location, and users are up and running in as little as an hour!

How do homeowners and subcontractors engage with SiteOne?

Homeowners and subcontractors will receive individual invitations to log into SiteOne and manage their work orders according to the permissions accorded to each user type.

How is the SiteOne software deployed?

Our software is software-as-a-service, which means it is entirely deployed via the cloud. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you have access to SiteOne, and it can be accessed via any computer or mobile device. It also ties in with other enterprise systems, if desired.

What about importing existing/historical work order information from a different system?

Yes! SiteOne can import work order history from a different system, as long as it is formatted to our template.

What happens if we need more training later?

SiteOne offers ongoing support, and we are available to answer questions or provide additional training whenever needed.

Can I access my entire account from a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, everything that is available on the desktop site is accessible on an internet-connected device.